Located just 10 minutes from Futuroscope, between Poitiers and Châtellerault, Lac de Saint-Cyr offers you a real breath of fresh air! 300 hectares of greenery, in a natural setting, dedicated to sport, leisure and relaxation, to oxygenate with family or friends with many aquatic or land activities. Featuring wooded areas, grassy areas and footpaths, savor the benefits of a walk in the countryside, in the heart of unspoiled nature.

Observe sometimes rare species, fauna and flora, sheltered by the ornithological reserve, within the Domaine.

Escape to the outdoors for a day to recharge your batteries!

No swimming

Following the analysis results of September 2, 2022 of the water sample taken on August 30, 2022 by the ARS, showing the presence of cyanobacteria – toxoids in the bathing water of the Saint-Cyr Leisure Park and in accordance with the by-law 2022 – 116:

swimming in the lake (including for pets)

all aquatic activities

all nautical activities (except for structures having a valid agreement with SAGA manager of the Domaine du Lac de St Cyr

any consumption of fish from this site

are prohibited on the entire lake from September 2, 2022 until further notice.



Labeled Pavillon Bleu in 2020 and 2021, label renewed for 2022, the Lac de Saint-Cyr, within the Domaine, offers excellent quality water, fed by the water table, regularly checked by the ARS, suitable for swimming .

Ideal for cooling off, swimming is supervised there in summer by a team of 5 lifeguards, in a dedicated and delimited area.

Take advantage of the sun’s rays: the equipped beach welcomes your towels and some racket games.










The 85-hectare lake offers many activities, in the summer season, allowing you to enjoy the beach.

Refresh yourself in complete safety: a space dedicated to supervised swimming, along the beach, delimited by a line of water with buoys, welcomes you.

Under the vigilance of our team of lifeguards who supervise swimming from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in June, then every day in July-August, swim, jump, wade… relax!

A tiralo (amphibious wheelchair) is also available at the aid station, on request, for people with reduced mobility


Treat yourself to a break in the countryside at Lac de Saint-Cyr while enjoying the land activities. Your children will be able to enjoy a playground with different structures to try out depending on their age.

More of a walker? Follow the hike around the lake, on foot or by bike, 4.7 km of walks await you. An orientation course is also available: consult the map on the esplanade at the entrance to Lac de Saint-Cyr.

Athletes will be delighted, the lake has a city-stadium, beach volleyball and sandball courts to work out as a team!

The curious can go to the Bird Sanctuary of Saint-Cyr to discover the birds that live together on the Domaine de Saint-Cyr or stop there during their migratory ballet.


The Lac de Saint-Cyr offers you a multitude of aquatic activities to liven up your summer days. A walk on the lake? Canoes and pedal boats can be rented at the lifeguard station.

For lovers of nautical activities, access sailing initiations and courses or rent optimists, dinghies, catamarans, windsurfing boards and paddleboards at the Sailing Base.

In July and August, have fun on the Aquazone Wipeout, an aquatic inflatable structure made up of slides, logs, trampolines, swings and a catapult, laughter guaranteed! A water slide area with 3 tracks and 2 slides is installed near the beach for slides with family or friends.

How about surfing or flying over the lake? A brand new 100% thrilling activity: efoil. Glide then fly over the lake, rising up to 80 cm above the water!


The Lac de Saint-Cyr offers you 3 fishing areas around the lake. Zones 1 and 2 are in free seating but zone 3 has delimited positions: reservations required in advance for this zone.

In order to be able to fish on the Lac de Saint-Cyr, you will have to pay a fishing fee.

Fishing is practiced on the lake according to the principle of No-kill (the fish is returned to the water).


The Lac de Saint-Cyr is one of the activities of the Domaine du Lac de Saint-Cyr, a natural break of 300 hectares: a lake, green spaces all around, walking or jogging routes, a golf course, a beach, a reserve ornithological…

The Domaine du Lac de St Cyr offers many land and water activities for everyone, a golf course, a campsite, accommodation and 2 restaurants, the Table du Golf and the Bistro de la plage.



The Domaine de Saint-Cyr and its beach, in partnership with the municipality of Beaumont Saint-Cyr, were awarded the Pavillon Bleu a for the first time in 2020. Renewed in 2021, then in 2022, this international, environmental and tourist label guarantees excellent quality of bathing water in seaside resorts and lakes.

From the opening of the Domaine, the choice was made not to allow motorized boats (apart from rescue boats) in order to preserve the tranquility of visitors but also that of nature and the animal and plant species that occupy the site. Fishing is practiced on the lake according to the principle of No-kill (the fish is returned to the water).

Practices such as energy savings (solar panels, water recovery), sorting of waste, use of organic products are all actions carried out systematically by our employees.

The 300-hectare Domaine is home to often unexpected flora and fauna.

Since 1981, the Park has been subject to regular ornithological monitoring by the LPO Poitou-Charentes.

Since 2009, a 40 ha ornithological reserve, managed and animated by the LPO, has been set up on the site and aims to soon evolve into a Regional Nature Reserve.