Group Activities

Group activities to enjoy with friends or family


Would you like to share an agreeable moment with your family or friends for a birthday or a bachelor party? The Saint-Cyr Park, a green oasis, is the perfect place to joyfully gather around sport and leisure activities!

Incentive days & team buildings at the Saint-Cyr Park


Only a few minutes away from Poitiers and Châtellerault, enjoy the Saint-Cyr Park, a multi-activity site, set in a nature area, to gather your collaborators or best customers. Get together as a group by offering activities and sport challenges as a part of your meeting: The Saint-Cyr Park provides you with a wide range of options!


Activity days for schools and activity centers


Offer your pupils or the teenagers of your activity centre a sport or water themed activity day (also possible for half a day) outdoors, in a natural site. The Saint-Cyr Park offers numerous fun activities at the heart of nature: No doubt big and small will have the opportunity to exert themselves.

Groupe scolaire ou centre de loisirs en activités au Lac de Saint-Cyr près du Futuroscope

Sport and open-air activities


Archery, bike, catamaran, field day, orienteering, quad, golf, water activities, paddle board, visit of the bird sanctuary, Aquazone, E-foil…are all supervised or in independence activities enabling one to outdo themselves. Contact our activitu partners for reservation.

Activité groupes Catamaran au Lac de Saint-Cyr près du Futuroscope
Tir à l'arc activité groupes au lac de Saint-Cyr près du Futuroscope


Point at the target! Archery supervised by a state certified instructor. On reservation. (Minimum age: 7 years old)

Contact the facilitator Vincent on +00 33 (0)6 63 06 47 22 to book your group session.

Activité vélo en groupe au Lac de Saint-Cyr 86130 Beaumont Saint Cyr


Your walk from the Saint-Cyr Park with a guide (All terrain bikes or mountain bikes and helmets provided). On reservation (Minimum age: 7 years old)

Consult us for any reservation request.

Activité catamaran pour les groupes au Lac de Saint-Cyr près de Poitiers


Wind-propelled, introduce yourself to catamaran, on the Saint-Cyr Lake, supervised by a state certified instructor. On reservation (condition: know how to swim).

Contact the Sailing Base instructors on +00 33(0)6 35 02 62 74 to schedule your session!

Activité quad pour les groupes au Lac de SAint-Cyr près du Futuroscope


Share an adventure activity at the park: An activity supervised by a state certified instructor. On reservation. (Minimum age: 7 years old)

Contact Medhy, the animator, on +33 00 (0)6 14 14 36 05, for any information relating to group quad biking!

Activité golf pour les groupes à proximité du Lac de Saint-Cyr


Learn golf swing basics, 2 minutes away from the Saint-Cyr Park: A golf activity at the Haut-Poitou Golf course, supervised by a state certified instructor. On reservation. (Minimum age: 7 years old)

Contact our instructors, Martin on +00 33 (0)6 16 54 73 52 or Xavier on + 00 33 (0)6 70 41 36 45, to book your group initiation!



Activities supervised by a state graduate. Discover the Saint-Cyr Park from the water. Playful activities kayak polo, initiation and learning or discovery walk. Reservations required (condition: knowing how to swim).

Contact the animator Aurélien on +00 33 (0)6 15 77 71 97.

Visite de la réserve ornithologique en groupe avec la LPO au Parc de Saint-Cyr 86130 Beaumont Saint-Cyr


Discover the bird sanctuary located in the Saint Cyr Park on a guided group tour, accompanied by a volunteer from the Poitou-Charentes LPO (Bird Protection League). Observe the flora and fauna, the ballet of birds, from the observatories. On reservations.

Contact the Poitou-Charentes LPO (Bird Protection League) on +00 33 (0)5 49 88 55 22 to schedule your visit.



Have fun as a group on the inflatable floating aquatic structure installed on the lake from the end of June to the end of August. Joys of water and laughter guaranteed! Life jacket provided. On reservations.

Contact Joël on +00 33 (0)6 50 57 79 47 to book!

Activité efoil en groupe sur le Parc de Saint-Cyr 86130 Beaumont Saint Cyr


Try surfing or hovering over the lake by testing out the efoil activity with your group. Book your session for discovering!

Contact Arnaud and Grégory on +00 33 (0)6 52 76 26 46 to book!

Activité balade en trottinette électrique en groupe au Parc de Saint-Cyr 86130 Beaumont Saint Cyr


Opt for a cross country electric scooter ride with your group, in the Saint-Cyr Park or in the town of Beaumont Saint-Cyr from the Park. On reservations.

Contact Trott’in Poitou on +00 33 (0)5 32 74 10 00 to book!

For any other activity (Field day, bike, …), contact us to know groups prices.

For further information and to get a custom quote, contact us by e-mail at or via the online form.