Covid 19

A visit in safety and security


Following the resumption of the epidemic and in order to comply with the new measures in force, we are again forced to make the wearing of a mask compulsory in the Saint Cyr Leisure Park.

However, this obligation does not apply to people exercising a physical and sports activity, in accordance with the prefectural decree of December 31, 2021.

We are counting on your good citizenship.


We make every effort to guarantee that your visit to the Park runs smoothly.

As part of the governmental measures further to the Covid-19 epidemic, the following health protocol is enforced in the Park:

  • The Park is currently open,
  • Individual physical activity is allowed,
  • Gatherings are allowed up to a limit of 10 people
  • One must respect social distancing
  • It is strongly recommended to download the #TousAntiCovid application.

Going for a walk, running, bike-riding and doing individual water sports (wearing a life jacket) is allowed.

Day fishing and night fishing are now permitted.

Bathing is forbidden out of the bathing area and outside of the monitored swimming hours. 

We count on your citizenship and everyone’s collaboration.

Plage du Lac de Saint-Cyr près du Futuroscope 86130 Beaumont Saint-Cyr